Welcome to the Windsor Diamond Club

Good Sportsmanship is the attitude and behavior that exemplifies positive support for the interscholastic athletic program, as well as for the individuals who participate in the program. People involved in any facet of the Windsor Athletic Program are expected to demonstrate qualities that are characterized by fair play, integrity, ethical behavior and respect. Emphasizing and improving the sportsmanship of our student-athletes, coaches, parents and staff is one of our highest priorities. Each coach, student, parent and staff member has a role and responsibility to model and teach good sportsmanship while keeping in mind that athletic participation is a learning experience for the student and the programs are part of the educational process.
The Warrior Pride Sportsmanship Guidelines
•  Understand the rules and strategies of the contest in order to cheer at the proper times.
•  Maintain enthusiasm and composure.
•  Positively support the participants and coaches.
•  Exercise good judgment in cheering for outstanding performance, not against opponents or to ridicule an error.
•  Follow the cheerleaders in positive cheers to show support for the participants. Show respect and concern for an injured player, regardless of team.
•  Respect decisions made by contest officials.
•  Realize that a ticket represents a privilege to observe and positively support a high school activity. It is not a license to verbally assault others or to be generally obnoxious.
•  Respect fans, coaches and participants.
•  Encourage surrounding fans to display only sportsmanlike conduct.
•  Display pride in your program at all times.
Let the Coaches Coach,
Let the Officials Officiate,
Let the Spectators Be Positive
Be A Fan….. Not A Fanatic!!!!